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Building Farmers in the West Newsletter

For reports from the field, see our November 2011 newsletter.


Building a Sustainable Business: A Guide to Developing a Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses

Business Plan Software


Referenced Organizations

The Center for Farm Financial Management        

Strategic Planning

Penn State University: Agricultural Alternatives

Kansas State University: Strategic Business Planning for Agricultural Value-Adding Initiatives

Cornell University: Writing a Business Plan: A Guide for Small Premium Wineries

Colorado State University: Developing a Business Plan for Alternative, Specialty and Entrepreneurial Agriculture



Agtourism in Hawaii: From Farmer to Visitor (a half hour video, here broken into two parts of about 14 minutes each) shows how a variety of beginning farmers started successful agritourism enterprises. Farmers discuss how agritourism can increase farm profitability and reduce marketing risk, especially for smaller growers who enjoy working with the public. Limitations and the future potential of the marketing strategy are also addressed. While specific examples focus on Hawaii, the principles are equally applicable for all of North America.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Recordkeeping & Financial Analysis

Balance Sheet

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Farm Family Finances

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Income Statement

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Financial Management and Record Keeping

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Financial and Economic Terms

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Began as a regional partnership to build community and capacity among a new generation of direct market farmers and local food systems.

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