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Workshop and Program Impacts from the Building Farmer in the West Regional Partnership Grant

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Following are participant evaluations of workshops held across several western states.


A few presentations could have been summarized more. Perhaps requiring segments of the business plan to be turned in periodically would help motivate some of us procrastinators.

I especially liked the things on specific applications like the high tunnels. Also found the lessons on sources of financing very useful.

There were a few sections that I did not gscores. I would more like to see a longer more detailed section in finances for taxes.

For "networking" it would have been nice to have a roster with everyone's name and contact information as well as a short description of their operation.  That way we could have more potential in forming working relationships.

Thanks ! I have really enjoyed this class and wondering with you

Very well done. Lots of info that has helped much and put is inmotion to. Encourage Idaho to participate in this and other programs

More in depth information would have been wonderful.
Thank you for facilitating this course.  You clearly put a lot of effort into recruiting speakers and organizing topics.  I found the planning materials very useful and the marketing and financial planning discussions extremely helpful. 

Thank you so much for teaching that course, it was extremely informative and I do feel I will be using a lot of the information that I gained from the course.

Thank you so much for the class. I found it very informative and helpful.


Good course, it was great having all the variety of speakers

The class on taxes needs to be improved the presentation was not effective. 

This particular short course could have benefited from additional information on compliance with local ordinances and laws, specifically zoning and water.    There were residents of at least 4 different counties in this session, so there could not have been a lot of detail provided on livestock or commercial zoning, however, there could have been links or contacts included for each county.  Water is integral to agriculture and there was just no mention of it.  Most participants appeared to have adequate irrigation water for pasture and seasonal crops, but there were some enterprises mentioned, specifically commercial greenhouses and dairies, which may be in violation of local zoning codes and/or may require additional water rights.

The financial statements section should be much, much more basic and should include clear learning objectives.  Wilson Gray and the University of Idaho provided the course to our location 25 miles from Twin Falls, which I appreciated very much.  This saved me alone 300 miles driving.  The online resources were very good.  Check with me in a year to see how my new enterprise is doing!


This course was a good start for a business plan.  I will take the time to review and build on the business plan and have contacted a farm consultant to coordinate with family members to build a plan to futher our farm plans.

This class was great, I wish there was more time to apply the information under the course adviser , ie working in class.

Guest speakers from Moscow Farmers' Market were great.

New Mexico

More focus and organization in presenting / critiquing our business plans at the end.  Otherwise pretty good and helpful class.

This class was immensely helpful, has gotten me motivated to organize, plan and otherwise act to turn our farm into a profitable enterprise.  Thank you.

Soil and water sampling?

This course was great!  Worth driving to.  Better if it could be 1/2 shorter. It is hard to sit for long periods.

Presentations by local farmers were invaluable.  Suggestion: More time for students final presentations questions, answers, suggestions.  I would have greatly appreciated your input on my business plan.  Thanks to all of you for your time and dedication to us new farmers.

Enjoyed this class and got alot of great info and resources.  More on marketing and re-do presentation that young dark haired woman gave.

Need more time spent on assisting in the actual writing of the business plan.  The course started from mostly passive receiving of information - to applying the concepts in the last two weeks.  It may have worked better to alternate theory with practice.

For me, the course was difficult due to being scheduled in the evenings.


Schedule coursework for wintertime.

This course allowed us to see where our strengths and weaknesses are, we have already started to implement procedures for better planning, gained substantially in networking with worthwhile colleagues, can better assess our potential and work gradually toward growth instead of trying to do it all right now.  Wish we could take it annually to continually expand awareness, assess progress and evaluate failures.


Interesting, but hard!  It was good to network with other farmers to see how they handle their work.


It's the nuts & bolts of business end of farming. I'd love to take the course again next year.

This was very helpful. Great to make goals & put our ideasin words & organizing the farm structure.

The financial focus was the most important but more exercise in hypothetical cash-flow & cost of production & balance sheets would be helpful.

Good course. Thanks very much.

Have course in winter. Set aside time in class to work on business plan.   Thank you! Great to get such a strong foundation.

I enjoyed connecting with other farmers & was inspired by all of the different ideas. I especially liked the speakers that joined us and would like even more farmers speaking about what they do.

Thanks for the great start & continuing support. You are helping us young (and elder) farmers make a difference and have a stable income/lifestyle.






Began as a regional partnership to build community and capacity among a new generation of direct market farmers and local food systems.

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